Ingredient Spotlight: Muguet


Muguet, or lily of the valley, is one of the most beloved smells in fragrance.  Sadly, the delicate, fleeting blooms of this flower cannot be used for extraction and thus ALL lily of the valley smells used in fragrance must be reconstructed using other, available materials. 

So what does this mean?  When a smell cannot be extracted directly from the source, perfumers must rely on their creativity, talent and materials to create the closest match possible, called a reconstitution (or 'reco' in industry slang).  For muguet recos, there are three primary components:

  • While floral note - provides the key floral smell
  • Green note - provides the delicacy and watery freshness
  • Rose note - gives greater depth to the white florals

Of course, the trick is in balancing these three aspects to get as close as we can to the real thing.  The final smell can vary depending on the quality and source of the ingredients used, so not all lily of the valley accords in fragrance are created the same!  Of course, the best muguet smell comes from the real thing, so if you happen to see one of these beauties in early spring, take the time to stop and, well, you know the rest...

Olfactive Notes: white rose with green accents

Our Description: Muguet is a delicate, uplifting, optimistic floral note that leaves you wanting more.  In presence, Muguet is light and breezy, not heavy or thick like more dense florals like tuberose or gardenia. 

Used in: Diorissimo - a classic soliflore (monofloral) perfume originally launched in 1956.  

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