Bespoke Perfume

Why smell like everyone else?

A bespoke signature fragrance is the ultimate way to express yourself. The process involves working directly with Cecile Hua, professional fine fragrance perfumer, to craft a customized fine fragrance blend from scratch. Once created, this formula will be the only one like it in the world and available only to you.

The fragrance development process involves the following steps:

  • Details and inspiration for the desired fragrance are discussed with Cecile, a professional fine fragrance perfumer. Drawing on her knowledge and expertise of over 2000 raw materials, Cecile will create a unique outline that will form the foundation of the fragrance.
  • Building on the fragrance sketch, the fragrance will begin to take shape as our highly skilled team assembles and refines the olfactive notes and accords to perfectly match the client's desired experience
  • The resulting fragrance is presented to the client to be worn and experienced. Clients are encouraged to take as much time as needed to sit with the fragrance.

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